Health and Safety

Safety is important, not only because it’s the Law but because our workers deserve to be kept safe. Our system improves safety, is easier to use, produces better results and is kinder to your home.

Ladders are inherently unsafe and the Health and Safety regulations complex, and as the owner of the property you have a duty of care to anyone working on it. Can you say that someone using a ladder on your property is trained, has the appropriate equipment and is using it in an appropriate manner?

With our system you don’t need to know!

The CleanVision system eliminates the use of ladders and fully complies with all Health and Safety regulations, leaving you with complete peace of mind.

The Environment
At CleanVision we believe the environment is important so we strive to deliver our service in an environmentally-friendly manner:

  • No chemicals are used when cleaning your outside windows.
  • We recycle whatever we can.